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  • US Coast Guard 100 Ton Masters License
  • Over 30,000 sea service miles
  • 8 years of sea trials as Hatteras Yachts Quality Control Mechanical Inspector

Let's face it:  like many technical industries, boating has become highly specialized.  There are many qualified captains available who can efficiently deliver a vessel from point A to point B and who can pilot a vessel in challenging conditions.  Few captains in today's boating world, however, also possess enough mechanical, electrical, and structural knowledge to effectively troubleshoot problems.   If something goes wrong on your vessel during delivery, wouldn't it be an asset to have a captain who is not only an experienced seaman, but is also skilled at diagnosing and handling problems? How about before the boat ever leaves the dock?  With Bruce's pre-departure inspection, many issues can be found and dealt with before your vessel ever slips its lines.

Bruce brings a wealth of knowledge on board your vessel.  Chances are a delivery will go smoothly, but if an issue does come up, having an experienced, diversified, reliable, honest, and communicative captain on your boat will minimize the complications.  If Bruce can't fix an issue himself with the tools on hand, he can oversee the most efficient resolution at the closest reputable yard.  Either way, your boat has a worthy caretaker and advocate aboard.  And at a competitive captain's rate.